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Noteworthy legal happenings that impact
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April 20, 2024


Here are a few important items of interest we want to share with you:

  1. Noncitizen Voting. We’ve been working for years to expose how the left pushes policies that create chaos on Election Day and make voter fraud easier: no photo I.D., same day registration, voting outside your district. Noncitizen voting is another growing problem. Although it’s prohibited by law in federal elections, California, Maryland, and Vermont have allowed noncitizen voting in local elections. Expect a push from leftists in blue states to expand this list. Watch Mike O’Neill discuss it on America’s Voice.
  2. Supreme Court defends property rights in Sheetz v. El Dorado County: In 2016, George Sheetz and his wife bought a piece of land in California and placed a mobile home on it. This triggered a $23,000 “traffic impact mitigation fee,” a clear violation of the Taking Clause of the Fifth Amendment. In a victory for property rights, the Supreme Court held unanimously that the Takings Clause does not distinguish between legislative and administrative land-use permit conditions. Congratulations to our friends at Pacific Legal Foundation, who brought this case before the Court and won a critical victory!
  3. More Supreme Court decisions coming soon: We are quickly entering “Decision Season” at the Supreme Court. In the coming weeks, we expect decisions on several consequential cases. We are closely watching Loper v. Raimondo, Moore v. United States, and CFPB v. Community Financial Services Association. Landmark submitted briefs arguing for constitutional decisions in each of these cases and will update you as soon as decisions are released.
  4. State Media Running Amok. Back in the 90s, House Republicans tried to tame government spending by defunding state media like PBS. Why use taxpayer money to support media that could obviously survive in era of cable television? Mitt Romney brought it up again in his campaign in 2012. They were all vilified by the mainstream media for “going after Big Bird.” State media persists while the national debt metastasizes. An executive at taxpayer-funded National Public Radio, Uri Berliner, just wrote an essay showing why conservatives need to revisit this issue. He argues that NPR is staffed by progressives and is “an openly polemical news outlet serving a niche audience.”

Help Landmark defend the Rule of Law: As the Biden administration continues to trample our Constitution and the Rule of Law, Landmark’s work has never been more important. Thanks to the support of generous patriots like you, Landmark can defend the integrity of our elections and fight for the Constitution at the Supreme Court. Please consider a gift today to help keep us on the front lines!

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