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Landmark’s ongoing investigation of the American Federation of Teachers unreported political activity.

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Landmark’s investigation of the Biden Administration School Parent Intimidation Campaign

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Landmark is a non-profit public interest law firm that relies on donors like you to fund our lawsuits to fight against government overreach.  Please consider helping us fight tyranny and defend the Constitution!

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Landmark Legal Defending the Constitution

Defending the Constitution

Landmark Legal Upholding the Rule of Law

Upholding the Rule of Law

Promoting Individual Liberty

Promoting Individual Liberty

Landmark Legal Foundation is a national non-profit that upholds the Constitution and our founding principles through legal advocacy and education. Landmark advances an “originalist” approach to the Constitution — that the words in the Constitution mean what they meant at the Founding — and defends our nation’s bedrock principle of liberty.

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Shaun Thompson Show 5-8-23

Shaun Thompson Show

Shaun Thompson Show

Michael O’Neill is tired of the uneven playing field
when it comes to special interest groups paying taxes!


The Center Square 5-2-23

The Center Sqaure

The Center Square

“Op-Ed: Should the IRS require exempt organizations to report political expenditures?” by Michael O’Neill
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Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing Fails to Impugn SCOTUS Ethics

Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing Fails to Impugn SCOTUS Ethics

Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on Supreme Court ethics reform. It was the latest crest in a wave of campaigns to place the court under closer supervision by a liberal-controlled Senate. In the wake of the hearing, however, such legislation...


We are truly facing existential threats to our individual rights and liberties, the Constitution, and our national character. If unchallenged, this assault on our very way of life will ruin our great nation.

With your financial and moral support, Landmark is not going to let that happen without a fight.

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President_Ronald Reagan meeting with Ed Meese

Edwin Meese meeting with President Ronald Reagan in the Oval Office.

A Strong
Conservative Heritage

Defending liberty and the Constitution Since 1976

Landmark’s roots can be found in the Reagan Revolution.  Ronald Reagan’s Administration was one of the most effective presidencies of the 20th century.  It changed the trajectory of American history by confronting the Communist bloc abroad and challenging the liberal orthodoxy of domestic policy at home.

President Reagan’s second Attorney General of the United States, Edwin Meese III, implemented Reagan’s vision at the Department of Justice.  Ed Meese, who is a long-serving member of Landmark’s board of directors, promoted constitutional originalism, individual rights, and free markets.  The Reagan Revolution’s impact on the law and the judiciary is still felt today.

After the Administration, Attorney General Meese and many of his top aides like Mark Levin- the guiding lights of the Reagan Department of Justice- came to Landmark to serve in leadership positions.

We are proud of this legacy and maintain it by bringing their traditional conservative approach to the issues of the day.

Mark Levin, Landmark’s chairman of the board

President Trump awards Presidential Medal
of Freedom to Edwin Meese.

Former Senator and Missouri governor Kit Bond, an early president of Landmark Legal Foundation.

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We Fight for Liberty.  We Fight for the Rule of Law.  We Fight for You.

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