Biden to Create Pathway to Citizenship for Hundreds of Thousands

June 18, 2024

Biden to Create Pathway to Citizenship for Hundreds of Thousands

President Biden seems intent on alleviating the pressure he has faced from the radical left after his recent asylum restrictions. On June 18, the Biden Administration announced a new set of executive actions permitting an estimated half million illegal immigrants to avoid deportation. The new plan grants illegals “parole in place” if they are spouses of U.S. citizens and have been in the country for at least 10 years. These same eligible illegals will also be allowed to apply for legal permanent status. Additionally, non-citizen minors and illegal stepchildren of American citizens will be given a pathway to citizenship. DACA recipients and “other Dreamers” will also be granted expedited work visas after completing a degree at an American institution of higher education.  

 Senator John Cornyn of Texas has characterized the move as a “pull factor,” something that draws further migrant crossings and attempts at entry. Critics of Biden’s immigration policy believe this encourages more migrants to come to the United States, believing that once they arrive, there will be some sort of means of amnesty granted to them. 

 A possible motive for the President’s new plan is the massive backlash he received from his own base earlier this month after announcing an executive order limiting daily border crossings. Members of Congress, including Congresswoman Jayapal (D-WA) and Congressman Correa (D-CA), criticized the President’s order. And the ACLU initiated a legal challenge to the plan. 

 While the latest set of actions won’t take effect until the end of summer, they still stand to boost Biden’s approval ratings heading into election season and will, no doubt, encourage more illegal immigration.  





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